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How to Use The Employee Discount Service

This user-friendly service may now be accessed remotely and on mobile devices.

Utilizing this internet-based web solution is simple and uncomplicated. Employees of recognized organizations can gain access by registering an account using their work email address as their username. A verification email is dispatched to ascertain the continued accessibility of the employee’s work email.

Both employees and HR professionals can visit this employee discount website from their work computer at the office and a device at home. To access the extensive collection of exclusive discount offers, consumers must log in using their company’s work email address and enter their password.


How to Choose an Offer

The decision to select an offer is solely with the individual user. Various categories of employees utilize our service in
distinct manners. Most individuals utilize this for their purposes, such as organizing vacations, selecting gifts, or discovering attractive offers for enjoyable outings. Certain employees use our assistance to manage a distinctive office excursion or other sizable group excursions. Discerning business leaders utilize our offers to wow their clients by offering them prime seating at highly sought-after events and exceptional discounts on significant holiday purchases. Sales teams might achieve cost savings while procuring tickets for sales incentives. Mid-level supervisors utilize Afford Today offers to acquire products to acknowledge their most exceptional staff.

Who Gets The Benefit From Afford Today?

We offer exclusive benefits to employees of authorized firms and organizations.

What Are The Costs?

Since we receive payment from the offer creators, our service is completely free of charge for both employees and employers. By directly distributing our offers to client employees, we can provide our service to companies at no cost. The sole expense associated with their service is the amount spent on an item an employee buys.

What is The Cost to Afford Today?

This service is provided to employees at no charge, with the only expense being the purchase item’s cost.

What is Our Cost to Employers?

This is a free service to employers.

What is Our Cost to Vendors?

The commission rates vary depending on the nature of the product and service.. This is an affiliated marketing platform; all sales are not made on this site. Sales are directed back to the vendor’s website for transactions. Discounts and coupon codes are generated for employees to use the affiliated links. 

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