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Top Inquiries Frequently Posed By HR Experts

What does the Afford Today Service Entail?

Afford Today is a service for employees that offers exclusive HR advantages to select groups of organizations. The individuals we serve are employed by prominent corporations and other authorized establishments and associations throughout the United States. Our present operations involve providing unique promotions for live events, retail merchandise, and services exclusively to employees who are members of the largest corporations in America.

Is this employee benefit service free?

Yes, this benefit service is free to all employers and their employees. The vendors pay us through the affiliate links selected from the cart and/or purchases using coupon codes and discounts.

Which geographic regions do you encompass?

Afford Today discounts employees residing or working in any location throughout the United States.

Several theme park attractions are in renowned regions such as California and Florida, while several others are near urban hubs. Many of our Ski deals apply to resorts on both the West Coast and East Coast. Broadway tickets are available for New York City productions, and touring plays nationwide. Most other items and services are suitable for all areas in the United States.

What offers are given through this site?

Afford Today offers employees
exceptional discounts on various products and experiences, such as
amusement parks, athletic events, vacation getaways, Broadway musicals,
technological hardware and software, ski tickets, and more.

How big does my organization have to be to join?

Companies of all sizes can sign up for access to this service

How will my employees use your service?

Individuals employed by an authorized organization can access our service by checking in using the designated login portal using their professional email address as their login identifier.

Can our organization link to your website?

Approved organizations may use links to the offers to distribute to employees.

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