The Stick - Drain Cleaning Drain Snake

The Stick - Drain Cleaning Drain Snake

Price: $ 8.99


This drain auger or drain snake will clear clogs from hair and build up in any drain Safe and effective to use in bathroom sinks, bath tubs, laundry

Sink Snake Drain Clog Remover Tool Drain Cleaner Hair Clog - Temu

Anthony Sullivan pitchman approved! Shower & tub snake. Sink snake. Instantly clear slow-moving drains. Flexible design - no need to remove drain stopper. For bathroom sinks, showers and tubs.

Turbo Snake As Seen on TV Turbo Drain Snake 1 Pk

Hair Drain Clog Remover Flexible Sink Claw Pick Up Kitchen

Retractable Claw Stick Drain Snake Drain Hair Clog Remover - Temu

HDX 20 in. Hair Snake 90830 - The Home Depot

Wholesale Plastic Drain Cleaner- 22ft

90cm/160cm/200cm Drain Snake Spring Pipe Dredging Tool Drain

Ram-Pro lightweight X-Long Extendable & retractable narrow telescopic grabber arm rod, hair catcher, and trash picker for long range bended pick-ups

36 Snake Drain Clog Remover - Used as Hair Clog Remover for Sink, Shower, and Bathtub - Dryer Vent Cleaner, and as a Flexible Grabber Tool for Hard

79 inch SPRING Design Drain clog remover tool is made of Stainless steel Spring which is flexible to be bent for many shapes in order to reach to,1000_QL80_.jpg

AUSAYE 79Inch Sink Snake,Grabberable Claw Pick up Tool with 4 Claws, Plumbing Snake Tool for Sink,Tube Drain,Sewer, Drain Clog Remover,Hair Remover

Instant Power Bio-Enzymatic Drain Sticks 12-Pack 1-oz Drain

24.4 Inch Spring Pipe Dredging Tools, Drain Snake, Drain Cleaner