Automated Chemical-Free Toilet Cleaners : toilet cleaning system

Automated Chemical-Free Toilet Cleaners : toilet cleaning system

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toilet cleaning system - Chemical cleaners have become quite commonplace as consumers seek to rid their home of germs and bacteria, but the ‘TOELECT’ toilet cle

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The Fluidmaster 8300P8 Flush 'n Sparkle Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaning System with Bleach offers scrub-free and hands-free cleaning of your toilet bowl with every flush. The Flush 'n Sparkle Bleach Cleaning System puts a powerful bleach cleaning solution directly into the overflow tube of the flush valve, so no chemicals ever touch the flapper, fill valve, or other tank parts. Preventing the damage drop-in tablets normally inflict, leading to breakdown and part malfunction.

Fluidmaster 8300p8 Flush 'n' Sparkle Bleach Toilet Bowl Cleaning System,c_fill

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