1-2 Gallon Colored Garbage Bags Bathroom Trash Can Liners (420 count, 6  Colors)

1-2 Gallon Colored Garbage Bags Bathroom Trash Can Liners (420 count, 6 Colors)

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They fit up to 2 Gallon Trash Cans or waste basket bin. It is made of pure PE and has excellent resistance to puncture, ripping and tearing. STAR SEAL BOTTOM: This small plastic bags allow even weight distribution and easy removal from receptacle.

MEASUREMENT: This small garbage bags are 20 inch L x 17 inch W. They fit up to 3 Gallon Trash Cans or waste basket bin. These colored 2.6 gallon trash


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1.2 Gallon Colored Garbage Bags Bathroom Trash Can Liners 420 Count, 6 Colors


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